Promotional Testing

Is your promotional testing current for today – or for back in the day?

  • Full line of assessment exercises based on your department.
  • Modern methods including electronic candidate response devices for expedient grading and statistical analysis.
  • Detailed job/task analysis to:
    • differentiate textbook vs how your department operates
    • determine differences between policy and practice
  • Live interactive and digital visual processes for realism.
  • Make sure your candidates can tell the test is for your department.

What is Assessment Center Methodology?

An assessment center is a systematic and comprehensive testing process in which pre-selected candidates are tested in an environment that provides a high degree of reliability and insight into their supervisory, leadership, and or management potential by testing skills and ability, rather than just knowledge.

The selection criteria of employees are based on characteristics such as methodological expertise, social competence, professional competence as well as critical thinking and competence in modification. All these characteristics are regarded as a part of an employee’s potential.

Assessment Center exams are highly-structured procedures which are characterized by independent exercises. By using this tool, a realistic simulation of important professional tasks is given. Assessment Center exams can be both group-processes and individual processes with high validity and acceptance of the involved people.
Assessment testing is appropriate for all positions.

Ascend Leadership’s detailed job/task analysis is designed to reduce issues caused by differences between chosen texts, policy and with actual practice– before it becomes a problem during a promotional process.

Ascend Leadership offers both traditional written format testing and Assessment Center Methodology processes. Contact us today to schedule.