Position Specific Training

Ascend Leadership offers custom training/education programs for fire departments, academies, seminars and conferences specific to officer positions or to specific areas of concern.

The Right Seat courses include Make a Decision – from The Right Seat and Lead from The Right Seat, The Company Officer’s Problem Solving and Decision-Making Toolbox, Lead from The Right Seat, and Right Seat Leadership – Volunteer Viewpoint.  All o the classes utilize scenarios similar to those in the video series, “The Right Seat – Officer Development Beyond the Textbook”. Like the video series, the students are presented with dynamic scenarios that are representative of some of the leadership issues company officers face every day. The students determine (often with debate) how they would handle scenarios, and then compare their findings with recommendations of experienced officers. In both versions the students can gain insight into problem resolution, morale, morality and policy, and much more – all aimed towards leadership. By benefiting from the insights and experience of more experienced officers, the students can be better prepared to handle situations when they face them. For individual departments these can be tailored to local needs and utilize departmental officers, allowing candidates or students to draw on department specific information and experience. Lead from The Right Seat includes more information on developing leadership skills, strengthening desirable attributes of the leader, and the role of the leaders in the societal unit known as “the fire station”.  This course can also be tailored for delivery in a particular fire department. All of these are excellent for Officer Development or new assignment programs and are available in different timeframes, and have been presented at numerous conferences including multiple FDIC preconference sessions. Companion videos available from Fire Engineering’s streaming service.

The Art of Miscommunication is available in different timeframes with one and a half hour being an overview that is a very good fit for conferences, up to a three eight hour format. The course is humorous with examples that stress the importance of communications that actually “communicate”. Has been preseted at several state and provincial Fire Chief’s conferences. A video presentation is available from Fire Engineering’s streaming service.

Managing Your FD’s Promotional Process reviews the issues that get fire departments into grievances, legal action or just mistrust with the test takers. Includes federal requirements, legal decisions and the actions to take to reduce the chance of errors and miscues. Discusses internal tests versus outside vendors, and what to look for with outside vendors and the development of bid specifications. This two hour program has been presented at Alaska Fire Conference, Colorado Fire Chiefs, Fire Rescue East, and Alberta (CA) Fire Chiefs.

Shipping Containers for Live Fire Training – The Good, the Bad and the Dangerous – reviews the positives of using shipping containers with “best practices” and the associated dangers including applicable NFPA 1402 and 1403.Reviews training procedures and improving the student’s learning. This two to three hour program has beeb presented at Fire Rescue East, and several programs in Louisiana.

NFPA 1403 2018 edition UPDATE – Conducting Compliant and Realistic Live Fire Training – Controversy between complaint versus realistic continues. The desire is for realistic experience and preparation for the real thing. Also, there are significant changes to the new NFPA 1403 standard. This presentation includes compliant methods to maximize the training benefits in both acquired and permanent props. Includes planning, fuel loading, interior props, formal instructor training programs, realistic drills and common mistakes. This two to four hour program has been presented at the British Columbia Fire Chief’s Education Summit, Oklahoma Fire Training Conference, the Great Florida Fire School, FDIC, Colorado Fire Chiefs, South Carolina Training Improvement Conference, Florida Firefighter Safety & Health Conference, and with the Georgia Fire Chiefs (two locations.

Instructor Development series

The Response Chief’s Role in Firefighter Safety & Training- NIOSH has said that Chief Officers need to spend more time training with the members under their command.  Program reviews Training Needs Assessments; Drill Safety Plans (Training Sites, Weather, and Operational Concerns), Assisting Company Officers in Preparation: Supervising Drills; Determining Content and Sources; Delivery Techniques working towards “Combat Readiness”.

Teaching and Learning Leadership; Beyond the Textbook – How do we learn leadership? Turns out much of it is not how you probably think. Reviews sources of learning determined by the North American Fire Service Learning Leadership survey. Explains how individuals and trainers can capitalize “informal learning”, the frequent source of “intuition” along with prioritizing training methods for maximum effects.  This two hour program has been presented at the Fall ISFSI Conference and the Oklahoma Fire Training Conference.

The Company Officer as the Trainer – From the Company Officer perspective, the program reviews the role and importance of the Company Officer in the training process. This includes determining training needs via informal company/external assessments and developing training/drill objectives. Safety is emphasized with Drill Safety Plans (training sites, weather, and operational concerns, sample forms), preparation, determining content and sources; and delivery techniques all working towards “combat readiness” at the company/station level. This class can be two to six hours and also reviews current training safety issues and has been presented at Colorado Company Officer Leadership Symposium, the Great Florida Fire School, and the Louisiana Company Officer Conference.

Show – Don’t Tell – Updates to instructional techniques used in the fire service to improve student performance and interest. Includes “Teaching Naked” (without technology) and improving presentations and training programs including using readily available technology. (Presented at Louisiana Winter Fire School 2016, Alberta (CA) Fire Chiefs 2018.  2 to 4 hours, can combine with above for 5 to 8 hours)

Teaching Leadership and Tactics – Beyond the Textbooks and PowerPoint – A national survey determined that the majority of leadership and tactics knowledge does NOT come from textbooks or the classroom! This course describes the problem and the methods of providing training to improve retention of information, so it is available during emergencies and leadership moments. NEW

Failing To Teach, or Teaching To Fail? – Discusses common instructional detractors that reduce the effectiveness, value or diminishes the importance of the message the instructor is tasked with imparting to the participants. Also, the “Instructional Law of Unintended Consequences”. This new two-hour class will  be presented at FDIC 2023.